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  • 2010
    (16/02) March 2010 Clearfield UT, BCC is commissioned and delivers to construct a 100% Stainless Steel...
  • 2009
    (16/02) Feb 2009 Rural NV, BCC ballistic tests body paneling for SRTV vehicle. Mar. 2009 Clearfield...

Jan. 2008 Nellis AFB NV, vehicle orientation is given to Pararescuemen.
Apr. 2008 29 Palms CA, SRTV level 1 SRTV and Off-Road Training RQS 131.
Mar. 2008 Clearfield UT, SRTV level 1 Maintainers course given to RQS 131.
June 2008 Phoenix AZ, BCC visits Dillon Aero to utilize components for vehicle turret system.
Aug 2008 Arcata CA, BCC works with Wing Inflatable to develop specialized fuel bladders.
Oct 2008 Rural NV, BCC purchases 89-acre test and training range.

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