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Delivering Off-Road Excellence

We don’t just meet expectations; we redefine the off-road experience, setting the stage for enthusiasts to elevate their adventures with cutting-edge excellence.

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Providing services to keep you going

Our services include training for ground mobility, consulting expertise in certifications and standards, and vehicle solutions such as resets, updates, and collision repairs. With deployable support kits, FSR support, government entity customization, and flexible vehicle rentals, BC Customs ensures optimal performance, reliability, and customization for a wide range of applications.

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About BC Customs

BC Customs is a family-owned and operated off-road powerhouse that originated as a 3-man operation in 2007. Rooted in a love for off-roading and racing, BC Customs has evolved into a premier destination for off-road enthusiasts. Specializing in chassis, suspension, design, fabrication, vehicle modifications, and upgrades, BC Customs is committed to delivering excellence. Going beyond crafting exceptional vehicles, we are honored to support the men and women who safeguard the USA, offering specialized services tailored to their needs. Our expertise extends to providing basic and advanced off-road operator training and vehicle maintenance training, empowering enthusiasts with the skills to navigate challenging terrains safely. BC Customs isn’t just about vehicles; it’s a community where family values, dedication, and a passion for adventure converge. Join us in redefining what’s possible on and off the trail — BC Customs, where every off-road journey becomes an unforgettable experience.

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