BC Customs OEM Ground Mobility

Discover excellence in BC Customs OEM Vehicles, where innovation meets precision engineering. Our OEM lineup stands as a testament to cutting-edge design and meticulous craftsmanship, delivering vehicles tailored to meet the unique demands of diverse industries. Explore a range of specialized vehicles, from off-road marvels to tactical solutions, each representing the pinnacle of performance and reliability. Unleash the power of BC Customs OEM Vehicles and redefine what’s possible in ground mobility, whether in challenging terrains or tactical scenarios.


BC Customs Training, offering a tailored education in operating and maintaining specialized ground mobility vehicles. Our courses, ranging from Basic to Advanced Operators and Maintainers, cover BC Customs vehicles while imparting universal skills for ground mobility and off-road driving. Whether navigating SXV variants or mastering electric vehicles, our training equips operators and maintainers with the expertise for optimal performance. From foundational principles to advanced techniques, BC Customs Training empowers individuals, fostering a community of skilled professionals contributing to mission success in diverse operational scenarios. Join us in enhancing the capabilities of our specialized vehicles for the most demanding environments.


BC Customs extends its expertise through consulting services, offering a spectrum of guidance from off-road considerations to air transportability certification and FMVSS consulting. While BC Customs does not directly award certifications, our consulting services empower companies by meticulously assessing their requirements and running in-house dry run testing before engaging in the formal testing process. Whether it’s ensuring off-road capabilities align with mission needs or providing insights into the complex realm of air transportability and FMVSS standards, BC Customs acts as a strategic partner, offering informed advice to optimize outcomes. Rely on our consulting services to navigate regulatory landscapes and make informed decisions, saving both time and resources in the certification journey.

Vehicle Reset, Update, and Collision Repair

BC Customs stands as a premier authority in resetting and retrofitting vehicles, breathing new life into aging fleets. Our skilled team excels at resetting old vehicles, offering comprehensive overhauls that align with the latest technological advancements. Whether it’s updating vehicles to newer versions or performing meticulous collision repairs, BC Customs combines precision engineering with innovative solutions to restore vehicles to peak performance. With a commitment to excellence, our retrofitting services ensure that vehicles are equipped with the latest features and safety standards. Trust BC Customs to transform and revive your fleet, delivering vehicles that meet modern standards and operational requirements.

Deployable Support Kits

BC Customs elevates operational readiness with Deployable Parts Kits, ensuring seamless support for vehicles, even in challenging overseas environments. These kits feature essential parts, including those that may be harder to obtain abroad, addressing potential logistical challenges. Complementing the parts kits are meticulously equipped toolboxes, containing every tool necessary for comprehensive service or repair on BC Customs vehicles. Beyond our specialized fleet, BC Customs extends its expertise to design and provide kits tailored for other vehicles and UTVs. With a commitment to comprehensive preparedness, BC Customs enhances mission success by offering deployable solutions that keep vehicles operational in any setting.

FSR Support

BC Customs proudly offers Field Service Representative (FSR) support, extending our commitment to excellence beyond the workshop. With a dedicated team of experts, our FSR services operate both CONUS and OCONUS, providing on-site support to fix, maintain, and support BC Customs products. Whether in the continental U.S. or international deployments, our FSRs bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to ensure optimal performance and reliability in the field. This personalized and responsive service is designed to address issues promptly, offering peace of mind to end users and reinforcing our dedication to providing top-tier support for BC Customs products worldwide.

Vehicle Modifications/Customization for Government Entities

BC Customs excels in tailoring commercial off-the-shelf vehicles and UTVs to meet the specific needs of end users. From customized UTVs for border patrol, wildlife services, and fire rescue to up-fitted trucks and SUVs designed for local law enforcement, BC Customs transforms vehicles to enhance functionality and address unique operational requirements. With a commitment to precision engineering and innovation, BC Customs offers a diverse range of modifications, ensuring that each vehicle aligns seamlessly with the demands of its designated mission. Explore the possibilities of customization with BC Customs and experience vehicles optimized for peak performance in various professional applications.

Vehicle Rentals and Leases

BC Customs offers flexible leasing options for special events, video and photo shoots, trainings, static displays, and live fire demos. Enhance your event or project with our specialized vehicles, providing a unique and impactful presence. Contact us to discuss tailored leasing solutions that align with your specific requirements and objectives.