BC Customs Training, where we provide a comprehensive and tailored education in the operation and maintenance of our specialized ground mobility vehicles. Our training programs cater to a spectrum of proficiency levels, offering a Basic Operators Course, an Advanced Operators Course, and a Maintainers Course. Our curriculum not only delves into the specifics of BC Customs vehicles but also encompasses essential lessons universally applicable to ground mobility vehicles and off-road driving. Whether you are navigating the challenging terrain in our SXV variants or mastering the intricacies of our electric vehicle lineup, our training ensures that operators and maintainers are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for optimal performance. From foundational principles to advanced techniques, BC Customs Training is designed to empower individuals with the expertise needed to excel in diverse operational scenarios. Join us in fostering a community of skilled operators and maintainers who play a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of our specialized vehicles, contributing to mission success in the most demanding environments.

Operators Course

BC Customs Basic Operators Course, a concise yet comprehensive program that delves into the fundamental aspects of our specialized vehicles. Covering essential topics such as basic form and function, off-road driving practices, vehicle recovery, and field scenario repairs, this course equips operators with the foundational knowledge required for confident and effective vehicle operation. Join us to build a solid understanding of our vehicles and enhance your skills for success in diverse operational environments.

Advanced Operators Course

Step into a realm of advanced tactical proficiency with the BC Customs Advanced Operators Course, meticulously crafted for military mobility leaders seeking to elevate their operational expertise. Tailored to fortify your leadership capabilities, this comprehensive program extends beyond the Basic Operators Course, delving into nuanced aspects essential for guiding your team effectively. Gain profound insights into the specialized vehicles’ form and function, master advanced off-road driving practices, refine intricate vehicle recovery techniques, and acquire expertise in advanced field scenario repairs. This course is strategically designed to empower mobility leaders with the mastery required for peak performance in high-stakes operational environments. Join us to sharpen your skills, foster team cohesion, and navigate challenging terrains with unwavering confidence. The BC Customs Advanced Operators Course is your gateway to leadership excellence in the most demanding and dynamic scenarios.

Maintainers Course

BC Customs Maintainers Course, a hands-on program that provides a unique opportunity to understand our vehicles from production to maintenance. Students will follow each vehicle through the production line, gaining valuable insights into the manufacturing process. This comprehensive course covers basic maintenance service intervals, offering a deep dive into minor to major repairs and processes. Participants will also acquire a solid understanding of the basic form and function of our specialized vehicles. Join us to become a proficient maintainer, mastering the intricacies of our vehicles and ensuring their optimal performance through a comprehensive and practical learning experience.