Meet the SRTV-SXV, a UTV-sized marvel among the diverse variants in the SXV lineup. This compact powerhouse boasts a 1:1 weight to payload rating, 1-ton axles, and heavy weapons capability. V-22 and air drop certified, it accommodates up to 6 passengers or 4 patients, setting the standard for versatile, compact ground mobility in various operational scenarios. Explore the range of SXV variants, each designed for specific needs, making BC Customs a leader in tailored solutions for specialized vehicles.


The SRTV-SXV-XL, an extended version of the SXV series by BC Customs. With a larger footprint, it offers increased payload capacity, accommodating up to 9 crew members, 4 patients, and up to 37″ tires. Designed for air transportability in the CH-47, it embodies versatility and robustness for demanding operational environments.

Coming Soon


Currently in development, the SRTV-SXV-M by BC Customs promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the SXV series. This mid-sized variant combines the SXV’s agility with the extended long travel suspension of the SXV-XL, offering enhanced off-road capabilities for maneuvering in tight, challenging areas. Stay tuned for an unparalleled blend of performance and adaptability.


SRTV-STORM, BC Customs’ high-performance mid-engine marvel boasting 430 hp. Designed for ultimate versatility, it carries up to three litters, navigates challenging terrains, and executes rapid maneuvers. With a 20′ turning diameter and rollover protection, the SRTV-STORM ensures safety without compromising mission operational performance, making it a top-tier tactical vehicle.

SRTV Electrified

Embark on the future of specialized vehicles with BC Customs’ SRTV-Electrified. Where BC Customs redefine electric mobility with dual-mode capabilities, seamlessly integrating diesel engines and electric motors and full electric systems. Offering silent mode, on-the-fly charging, and export power, these vehicles ensure optimal performance and versatility, revolutionizing electric vehicle technology in tactical scenarios.


BC Customs transforms the Honda Talon into a tactical powerhouse, enhancing its off-road capabilities, lighting, and recovery gear. The Rescue RZR, derived from a stock 4-seat RZR, becomes an emergency medical response vehicle with litter carry capacity, lighting, winch, and more. MRZR Mods feature a strengthened roll cage, upgraded suspension, and accessories, optimizing these vehicles for military use.