SRTV Electrified

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Introducing the SXV-EV1, a groundbreaking addition to BC Customs’ lineup as the first electric vehicle in their tactical fleet. BC Customs, dissatisfied with the industry’s standard direction for electric vehicles in hostile scenarios, designed the SXV-EV1 with the end-users in mind, ensuring a reliable and viable electric option for individuals serving in the field. With the primary goal of bringing servicemen and women safely home, BC Customs took a revolutionary approach. BC Customs with the help of Hypercraft (an electrification company) has developed the SXV-EV1, which is not a traditional hybrid but rather a dual-mode vehicle, retaining the organic drivetrain and reliability of the SXV’s diesel engine while incorporating an electric motor for silent mode. This innovative design offers the range and durability of a diesel engine with the ability to seamlessly switch to silent mode for specified distances, ensuring adaptability in various operational scenarios. The SXV-EV1 also features on-the-fly charging while driving and export power capabilities, transforming the vehicle into a mobile generator. This forward-thinking electric vehicle represents BC Customs’ commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of those serving in tactical and challenging environments.

BC Customs has taken a forward-thinking approach with the SXV-EV1 by ensuring that its groundbreaking technology is not limited to new vehicle models. Recognizing the value of existing SXV units in the field, BC Customs has developed a retrofit kit, allowing seamless integration of the electric vehicle capabilities into any pre-existing SXV. This retrofit option reflects BC Customs’ commitment to providing practical solutions and enhancing the sustainability of their fleet. By making the SXV-EV1 technology accessible for retrofitting, BC Customs ensures that servicemen and women can benefit from the advancements in electric vehicle technology without the need for an entirely new fleet deployment. This retrofit capability not only extends the lifespan and functionality of existing SXVs but also reinforces BC Customs’ dedication to supporting and improving the capabilities of military and tactical vehicles in the field.

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BC Customs introduces the SXV-EV2, a groundbreaking full-electric vehicle with onboard generation that redefines industry standards. Building on the technology pioneered in the SXV-EV1, the EV2 takes a unique approach by incorporating two electric motors for redundancy, ensuring reliability in demanding operational scenarios. In a departure from conventional full-electric vehicles with onboard generation, BC Customs retains the robust diesel engine organic to the SXV and SXV-EV1. While seemingly overpowered for most applications, this thoughtful decision serves a critical purpose. In situations where the batteries are completely discharged, the diesel “generator” can be engaged to provide reduced power, allowing the vehicle to continue moving until a safe location is reached for a complete recharge. This tactical design ensures continuous mobility, even in scenarios where stopping is not a viable option. The range of the SXV-EV2 is determined by the amount of diesel fuel available for the “generator,” offering a practical solution for extended operations. With substantial export power generator capabilities, the SXV-EV2 can potentially serve as a power source for a small base camp, showcasing BC Customs’ commitment to innovative solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of military and tactical operations.

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The SXV-EV3 represents a revolutionary evolution within BC Customs’ electric vehicle lineup. Sharing the same foundational technology as the SXV-EV2, the key distinction lies in the complete replacement of the diesel engine with additional battery packs, extending the operational range to approximately 350 miles on average. In scenarios where zero emissions are critical to mission success, the SXV-EV3 offers a compelling solution. Despite the limited duration of export power capabilities due to battery depletion, BC Customs devised an ingenious strategy: quick-change batteries. Working in tandem with the SXV-EV2, the SXV-EV3 can leverage EV2 as a field-deployable battery charger, ensuring a continuous power supply during extended operations. This collaborative approach reflects BC Customs’ commitment to innovative solutions, enabling seamless cooperation between electric vehicles with distinct capabilities. The SXV-EV3 stands as a testament to BC Customs’ dedication to addressing diverse operational needs with cutting-edge technology, ensuring a sustainable and emission-free option for critical missions.