BC Customs takes pride in its specialized expertise in customizing off-the-shelf UTVs to precisely align with the unique needs of end users. Our comprehensive modifications encompass the enhancement of roll cages and chassis for superior strength and durability. The upgraded suspension modifications are tailored to optimize off-road performance, ensuring resilience and adaptability in challenging terrains. Lighting packages are thoughtfully curated to provide optimal visibility in various operational environments. Additionally, our customization services extend to the integration of advanced recovery equipment, empowering UTVs with enhanced capabilities for overcoming obstacles and navigating tough conditions. BC Customs stands as a trusted partner in delivering tailored solutions that go beyond the standard, providing end users with customized UTVs that excel in performance, durability, and versatility.

Front of Rescue RZR

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Honda Talon

BC Customs elevates the Honda Talon to new heights by transforming it into a V-22 capable, tactical UTV with a host of ruggedized components and specialized enhancements. This customized vehicle features upgraded lighting and an enhanced electrical system, ensuring optimal performance in various operational environments. The addition of advanced recovery gear enhances its capability to overcome obstacles and handle challenging terrains effectively. The BC Customs Honda Talon also stands out in the UTV industry due to its utilization of a 6-speed automatic transmission, a notable departure from the conventional CVT clutches or belts found in traditional UTVs and powersport platforms. This innovation mitigates the risk of mechanical failures, underscoring the Honda Talon’s superior reliability and performance under demanding conditions. The inclusion of rear-facing deck seats further emphasizes its versatility and tactical utility in various mission scenarios.

Rescue RZR

The BC Customs Rescue RZR is a remarkable transformation of the stock 4-seat RZR into a purpose-built emergency medical response and recovery vehicle. BC Customs enhances the vehicle’s structural integrity by upgrading the rollcage, ensuring robust protection in challenging environments. A pivotal addition is the integration of a litter-carrying capability, elevating the RZR’s versatility for medical response scenarios. Overt and covert lighting systems are strategically integrated, providing adaptable illumination options tailored to the demands of emergency operations. The Rescue RZR is equipped with beadlock wheels on runflats for enhanced reliability, skid plates for added undercarriage protection, and thoughtfully designed storage compartments for efficient organization of recovery and medical equipment. With red and blue emergency lights, tubular front and rear bumpers, a winch, and a roof rack for carrying essential gear, the BC Customs Rescue RZR stands as a meticulously designed and highly adaptable asset, ready to navigate diverse terrains and respond effectively in critical situations.

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BC Customs brings a new level of capability to the MRZR with a comprehensive suite of upgrades tailored for specific operational needs. For units not requiring V-22 capability, BC Customs replaces the collapsible roll cage with a robust single-piece structure, compromising V-22 certification while ensuring CH-47 transportability requirements are maintained. These upgrades go beyond structural enhancements to include snorkels for the clutch case and air filter, significantly enhancing the MRZR’s water fording capabilities. The suspension is upgraded to accommodate higher payload capacities, while skid plates provide added protection in challenging terrains. Additional features include advanced lighting systems, versatile weapons mounts, a spare tire carrier with a run-flat system, and a tailgate that serves as both a bed extension and a practical utility component. BC Customs MRZR Upgrades exemplify a commitment to tailoring off-road vehicles for peak performance and adaptability in diverse mission scenarios.